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Host: Clinton Griffiths
  • Anchor and Editorial Director for AgDay
  • Editor of Farm Journal Magazine
  • 2019 Farm Broadcaster of the Year

On the air for nearly four decades, AgDay is the newscast of record for American agriculture. Along with providing the nation’s farmers and ranchers with the latest news, weather and business headlines, AgDay reaches out to every household with the story of American agriculture, featuring the people and places unique to the industry and small-town America. In addition to hosting AgDay, Clinton Griffiths serves as editor of Farm Journal and was the 2019 Farm Broadcaster of the Year.

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Agricultures “Newscast of Record

Original Reporting

Big Reach:
The Ag to Consumer Connection


112 Stations in 39 States

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3x daily M-F

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AgDay Minute

Now entering its 4th year, the AgDay Minute Update is exclusive for our AgDay affiliates. Farm Journal and the producers of AgDay are offering a daily, :90 Ag news update for use in your local early or late evening newscasts. This timely and relevant agribusiness update will be emailed daily around 3:30PM (EST). It is ready to “plug and play”, is sponsorable and can be used on your website.

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AgDay Minute Promo

On the air for more than four decades, U.S. Farm Report remains the longest-running syndicated television program focusing on agriculture, rural issues and the country lifestyle. Hosted by award-winning journalist Tyne Morgan, a new edition of the program airs each weekend on stations coast-to-coast. Along with perspective from Tyne, U.S. Farm Report includes weekly contributions from meteorologist Mike Hoffman, commentary from John Phipps along with a stable of the nation’s leading market analysts.

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Single biggest reach platform in all of agriculture

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John Phipps, Market Roundtables, Farm Journal Report, Tractor Tales, Customer Support 

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Live tapings, College Roadshow, From the Farm


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6 PM Central, Saturday
6 AM Central, Saturday

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Host: Tyne Morgan
  • First Female host of U.S. Farm Report 
  • Only the 4th host in U.S. Farm Report history
  • Two time NAFB Doan Award Recipient 
Host: Greg Peterson
  • Founder and Spokesperson of Machinery Pete
  • Over 30 years experience covering farm equipment auctions

Hosted by Greg Peterson (aka “Machinery Pete”), the most trusted name in farm equipment, Machinery Pete TV brings to life the fascinating world of machinery – both new and used. Along with up-to-the-minute industry headlines, “Machinery Pete TV” goes on the road to visit innovative dealerships, plus it gives viewers an inside look at some of the most talked about auctions across farm country. Machinery Pete TV airs weekly on RFD-TV and more than 50 local television affiliates.

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Price Discovery

Story Telling:
The emotional connection to iron

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From a highly trusted source


50+ Stations in 24 States

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AgriTalk is the radio talk show for American agriculture. Hosted by Chip Flory and airing live two hours each weekday, AgriTalk covers farm production, policy and technology along with a heavy dose of market analysis. With expert input from a cavalcade of Farm Journal contributors, each broadcast provides farmers and ranchers with timely insights and information aimed at improving their operations.

AgriTalk AM: Airs 10AM Central, M-F

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AgriTalk PM: Airs 2PM Central, M-F

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Drovers Radio:
Latest beef industry news with Drovers team and Chip Flory

Weekly: Thursdays

The Dairy Report:
Latest dairy industry news with the Dairy Herd Management/MILK team

Weekly: Tuesdays

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A “real” talk show for agriculture

The Farmers Voice:
We ask questions they would ask!

More than Sound Bites:
Heavy conversations, serious analysis 


110+ Stations in 19 States

SeriousXM/Rural Radio:
AgriTalk, 2x daily M-F

AgriTalk Podcast:
240,000+ downloads monthly

*Sponsorships include
Opening Billboard
Accompanying :30 or :60 commercial
Minimum 13-week commitment required
Host: Chip Flory
  • Pro Farmer Editor Emeritus
  • Farm Journal Economist
Host: Andrew McCrea
  • 5-time Oscsar-Winning TV & Radio broadcaster
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Farmer and Rancher

American Countryside is a daily dose of what makes America great. Hosted by Missouri farmer and rancher Andrew McCrea, this broadcast is a brief, yet compelling, three-minute radio feature. Winner of five “Oscars in Ag” awards, American Countryside is heard on a national network of local radio affiliates and can also be heard on Rural Radio SiriusXM.


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Appointment Listening:
“The Rest of the Story”

Compelling Stories:
“A person you’ve never heard of with a story you’ll never forget”

A Helping Hand:
Tips & insights into how to make your farm, business and community more productive and successful


114 Stations in 18 States

SeriousXM/Rural Radio:
2x daily M-F

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