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A Big Look Ahead

Wednesday, June 26 10 am Central

Karen Bohnert, Farm Journal dairy editorial director, will moderate a panel of dairy industry experts sharing insights and perspectives on the future of the industry. The panel will explore every corner of dairy — from future technology investments to succession planning, sustainability,  and alternative profit sources including beef-on-dairy, as well  processor and producer relationships.


Bob Schenck – SVP Business Development, Precision Reach


Erica Maedke, Ever.Ag Insights

Stephen Cain, National Milk Producers Federation

Michael Dykes, International Dairy Foods Association

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State of the Dairy Union – A Big Look Ahead

July 2, 2024

Karen Bohnert, Farm Journal dairy editorial director, will moderate a panel of dairy industry experts sharing insights and perspectives on the future of the industry. The panel will explore every corner of dairy — from future technology investments to succession planning, sustainability, and alternative profit sources including beef-on-dairy, as well processor and producer relationships.

Engaging with Tech-Savvy Farmers in Agricultural Marketing

April 17, 2024

Learn about the latest trends in ag tech adoption, gain valuable insights into the mindset of tech-savvy farmers and explore effective strategies for connecting your products or services with these audiences. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or new to the ag industry, this session will provide actionable ideas and strategies to help you navigate the evolving landscape of agricultural technology.

Changing Weather Patterns and the Implications for Farming’s Bottom Line

September 12, 2023

The world is getting riskier, so no longer than we just monitor weather, we have to plan for and navigate the challenges. As an example, insurance premiums for ag retailers have risen 40% or greater. With El Nino weather patterns, low river levels and the current hurricane season, what should be top of mind of agribusiness managers? Tune in to this webinar to hear insights from these industry pros.

Countdown to Crop Tour 2023

August 16, 2023

The roster for the 2023 Pro Farmer Crop Tour is full and scouts are making final plans to join tour leaders Brian Grete in Ohio and Chip Flory in South Dakota for their annual trek across seven Midwest states. The Pro Farmer Crop Tour tradition is in its 31st year, and the mission is unchanged – to discover yield potential for the U.S. corn and soybean crops. Crop Tour is one of the most closely followed events in the industry and Grete and Flory will help you understand what to expect, where the industry will focus and how the event turns a day’s worth of crop scouting into live events, real-time analysis and information real farmers use to make real decisions.

Farm Bill: Influence, Impacts and Odds of Success

June 22, 2023

AgriTalk host Chip Flory leads a captivating discussion with industry experts on the hottest topics related to the 2023 Farm Bill and its potential impact on stakeholders throughout the agriculture production system.

How Will Proposition 12 Change the Pork Industry?

June 2, 2023

Join Jennifer Shike, editor of Farm Journal’s PORK, for a discussion with industry experts to learn more about the Proposition 12 ruling and how it could impact the future of the U.S. swine industry. Panelists will share their thoughts from a variety of viewpoints and roles in pork production on the changes Proposition 12 will bring to stakeholders across the pork supply chain.

Timely Test Plots

April 3, 2023

Farm Journal Field Agronomists Ken Ferrie and Missy Bauer offer an inside look at Farm Journal Test Plot research. These industry-leading agronomists will share their observations and data from real farms to help guide farmers to bigger yields for this year’s crop without losing sight of efficiency, resources and profitability.

Top Topics with Top Producers

March 3, 2023

As the 2023 planting season gears up, learn what’s on the minds of farmers leading large-scale, innovative and diversified operations. Hosted by Top Producer Editor Sara Schafer, this discussion will feature three of the farmers honored at the 2023 Top Producer Summit. Hear from Kevin Engel of Virginia, Trey Wasserburger of Nebraska and Marcia Ruff of Ohio. Discussion topics will include challenges and opportunities ahead, growth strategies, HR management and more.

Reaching Farmers on Social Media

January 25, 2023

Knowing how to reach agriculture audiences on social media can be a big guessing game, leaving ag marketers wondering how best to use social media to meet their marketing objectives. Precision Reach has executed audience data research to help answer these questions. Join us to learn about these social media data findings and how to use social media to hit target audiences more effectively.

The Ag Retailer of the Future

January 20, 2023

Who is the farmer customer of the future and how will that drive changes to ag retail? What out-of-the-box concepts should ag retailers be playing with now that could be significant parts of their business in 5 to10 years? With new research and some fresh perspectives, these industry leaders will share key takeaways for every trusted adviser to ensure future success.

Deep Dive into Dairy

November 10, 2022

Karen Bohnert, dairy editorial director for Farm Journal, leads an open discussion with leading dairy producers about the issues and challenges they faced in 2022 and how they are planning for the year ahead.

AgroTerrorism and the Threat to American Farms

September 29, 2022

Two decades after 9/11 terrorism remains a real and present threat to America’s farms and food supply. Farm Journal editor Clinton Griffiths is joined by experts in national security to discuss which areas are vulnerable, which nations or corporations are a threat and how U.S. farmers can protect themselves from these bad actors. From biological weapons to infectious diseases, cyber-attacks and corporate espionage the threats are real and it’s essential the industry remains vigilant.

The Devastation of Drought

July 27, 2022

Many states across the country are suffering from severe drought conditions, some of which are the worst farmers and ranchers have seen in these areas. Greg Henderson, editorial director of Drovers magazine, talks with farmers and ranchers about how they are managing current conditions, how the drought is affecting both the short-term and long-term operation of their businesses and their vision for moving forward.