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When you partner with Farm Journal’s Market Insights team, you gain access to the industry’s most comprehensive data resources to help you set strategies, create go-to-market plans and connect with key audiences. Building your brand starts with the right insights—Farm Journal Market Insights.

What do agribusinesses need?

  • Constant understanding of the growers and producers as pain points, expectations and preferences continue to change
  • Accessible and accurate data points to forecast, strategize and execute business plans to meet their business objectives
  • A trusted partner with a history of working in agriculture and direct access to the farm

How can we help?

Acquisition: Determine the right targets by having the largest, most accurate and useable data and segmentation possible

Engagement: Reach the right growers and producers with personalized content and messages at the right place and the right time

Conversion: Drive trial or purchase of a first-time customer by enabling smooth hand-off between marketing and sales

What do we do?

Data quality management & enrichment

Data assessment, hygiene, validation, enhancement, appends and more to make data accessible, useable and useful

Customer segmentation & journey mapping

Machine-learning customer segmentation models, Ideal Customer Profile development and look-alike models to power go-to-market strategies and build prospects

Lead enhancement & generation

Enrich insights on existing leads, generate new ones and prioritize activation efforts to achieve a higher ROI

Customer targeting & activation

Reach growers and producers via every major channel available at the right time powered by the Farm Journal database

Lead assessment & prioritization

Assess, prioritize and successfully hand off leads to sales


Provide the right information and signals based on customer behaviors and  feedback to close the sale


Why Farm Journal

Trusted Intelligence Platform (TIP), the industry-leading database

Access to the largest, richest and most accurate dataset across the entire ag value chain (1st party, gov’t verified, 3rd party additive and behavioral)

Best 1st party & behavioral data in the industry

4.3M records collected with 1.7M records with predictive behavioral data spanning across 40+ off-the-shelf behaviors

Data-driven activation platforms and processes

End-to-end offerings from strategy to activation across crops, livestock, produce and sustainability via every major channel

Best-in-class solution set and agriculture data science

Access solutions to help you acquire, engage and convert customers via behavioral data, proprietary customer segmentation models and actionable insight

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