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Farm Journal is the nation's leader in agriculture content, data and business insights


Our Mission

Farm Journal delivers the most widely used, trusted and relevant business information throughout American agriculture.

As the nation’s recognized leader in agriculture content, data and business insights, we serve every key audience in agriculture, including crop farmers, livestock producers, the produce supply chain and ag retailers.

Our industry-leading portfolio of content channels feeds the most robust demographic and behavioral database in ag — with the largest collection of first-party data. That data is the backbone of everything we do. It serves content to our farmer, rancher and grower audiences with unparalleled insight, enabling the industry to prosper. And it helps our clients target and engage with their customers in groups large and small. The result is the most effective customer activation engine in the industry.


Our Values

Intended to be motivational and aspirational, our values are critical cornerstones of our culture and recognize that only a business driven by strong values can be successful and deliver a strong, sustainable performance. 

Agriculture-First Stewardship

Farmers, ranchers and growers are the essence of our reason for being. We are relentless stewards and advocates for agriculture’s present and future – continuously looking for ways to help the industry thrive and feed the world.

Leadership and Innovation

We seek opportunities to position Farm Journal as an industry leader at every opportunity. We pride ourselves on leading, not following. We think ahead of the curve and bring new solutions to the variety of customers we serve.

Persistent, Service-Driven Focus

We challenge ourselves and each other to do all we can to provide a phenomenal level of service to customers, clients and internal Farm Journal customers with the quality required for success.

Honest and Fair Collaboration

We collaborate to enable the success of all involved. We strive to hear and respect others’ ideas, and we are forthright in our own. We aspire to treat customers and each other in a fair and consistent manner in all business dealings.

Personal Balance

Our employees drive Farm Journal’s success with their passion for agriculture, their work ethic and living our values. We encourage them to seek their definition of personal balance in support of achieving shared objectives.

Service to


Trust In Food

Trust In Food™ is a purpose-driven division of Farm Journal dedicated to rebuilding consumer confidence in the U.S. agricultural value chain by partnering with farmers and ranchers to accelerate conservation agriculture-practice adoption and maintenance benefiting land, water, air and farm businesses.

Farm Journal Foundation

Farm Journal Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to achieving global food security by sustaining modern agriculture’s leadership role to meet the vital needs of a growing population.

Our History

In the beginning

Founded and established in 1877 by Quaker farmer Wilmer Atkinson, Farm Journal magazine was a way to share practical advice to improve the livelihoods of farmers living within a day’s horseback ride of the publication office in Philadelphia.

Now the most trusted voice in agriculture, Farm Journal has a unique position across agriculture – in digital and social channels, in live and virtual events, in leading broadcasts across the nation and on kitchen tables in rural homes everywhere – a friend to producers positioned at the forefront of change.

Wilmer Atkinson

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