Farm Journal is America’s #1 provider of connected agriculture content, producer insights and go-to-market business solutions.

Our iconic brands engage every key audience across agriculture: row-crop farmers, livestock producers, produce packers, equipment dealers, ag retailers, veterinarians, nutritionists and other stakeholders across the food production chain.

Farm Journal connects buyers and sellers. Content leadership and deep cross-platform engagement with audiences provide real-time insights. Customers use these insights to deliver the right message at the right time with unparalleled reach on trusted platforms.

Farm Journal Services

by data

4.1 million records in a database fueled by first-party exchanges, fed daily by the most robust behavioral insights engine in agriculture.


50 million-plus touchpoints a month mean the largest megaphone in agriculture. Nationally syndicated daily radio and TV broadcasts and dozens of print and digital brands serve critical market segments.

Insights and Behavioral Science

Proprietary data and analytics capabilities help organizations understand and effectively reach their markets. Through connected infrastructure, people-based insights quickly convert into audiences of scale for activation through high-fidelity predictive analytics.

Agriculture’s Leading Brands

Farm Journal’s industry-leading brands offer unmatched reach to every segment of agriculture. Our editorial team provides the content farmers and ranchers want and need to benefit their operations. Platforms include digital, television, radio, print and live and online events that connect you with target customers.


Farm Journal Magazine – The premiere publication for U.S. agriculture – The nation’s top source for agricultural news 

AgDay TV and U.S. Farm Report – 24/7 live, online and on-demand agricultural news

Drovers – America’s #1 beef business source for news and information

The Packer – the leading source of produce industry news for more than 100 years


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