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Is your content ready?

In an increasingly connected world, customers expect brands to create content experiences that go beyond products and respond to their unique needs and habits.

Content can no longer be an asset – It must be carefully orchestrated to be ACTIONABLE, FOUND, RELEVANT and TRUSTED.


Measure Like A Business

Content must be intentionally created for and measured against a purpose to deliver consistent value.

Content Hub uses Farm Journal’s data insights to activate goal-oriented content, measure value, and identify ongoing optimizations based on your brand’s unique needs.

✔ Proactively support business goals

✔ Guarantee value for content investments
Does every piece of content have a goal?
How do we measure success?
Do audiences engage how we would expect?
Which of our content is most successful?
Where does our content live?
How is it distributed?
Do audiences see it?
Do we rank #1 for audience searches?


Think Like a User

Marketers must be ready to deliver content based on what people want, where, when and how they look for it.

Content Hub Playbooks ensure your content is promoted on the right channels, with best channel practices to grow awareness of and support for your brands.

✔ Be where your audience is

✔ Help consumers find your brands first


Work Like a Publisher

If you want to be relevant when disaster strikes, you have to have topical content ready to promote on any given day.

Content Hub Playbooks outline the topics your audiences care about most, content creation needs, and ideal audience-driven publishing calendars.

✔  Grow audience base

✔ Drive conversion at critical moments

Is our content up to date?
Do we share content when it matters most?
Do audiences share our content?
Are we ready to respond to real world events?
Would I want to read our content?
Do we create content for ownable topics?
Does our content differ from competitors?
Do reliable sources link to our content?


Plan like a Strategist

Quality always outweighs quantity for successful content, as it is only valuable if it is unique and credible. 

Content Hub Playbooks use Farm Journal’s robust data sets to help define the topics your brand can own.

✔Control branded conversations

✔ Be authentic to your brand

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