Farm Journal Engagement Tool Kit

The Engagement Tool Kit leverages Farm Journal’s first-party data and unparalleled targeted capabilities to deliver sales messages at scale, from any location. Communications can be one-to-one, one-to-many or one-to-all, based on business needs. At the Kit’s foundation is a world-class database driven by Farm Journal’s more than 50 million monthly touchpoints. We combine this with market research, omni-channel activations, and content services to build powerful and measurable programs.

The Kit helps sales organizations get their message to market quickly and effectively with targeted messages and activations based on producer needs. Engagements are keenly focused on helping clients build long-lasting relationships at the farm-gate by precisely reaching the right audience at the right time with the most compelling messages.

For more information about Farm Journal’s comprehensive database solutions, contact your account executive.

“Our customers are open for business and so are we. Farmers will still plant, ranchers still need to take care of herds and growers will still grow. Producers have always stepped up in tough times. This Engagement Tool Kit helps agribusinesses stay in touch and serve their customers in these critical and confusing times.”

 -Andy Weber, CEO of Farm Journal.

Engagement Tool Kit Activation Model

Use any combination of elements in this model to reach the right producer with content that resonates and drives desired outcomes.