Data-Driven Performance Marketing

Data-Driven Performance Marketing (DDPM) custom engagements integrate Farm Journal’s world-class database, market research, omni-channel platforms and content services to drive more effective and measurable go-to-market initiatives. DDPM engagements are keenly focused on helping clients build long-lasting relationships at the farm-gate by precisely reaching the right audience at the right time with the most compelling messages.

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World-Class Data and Digital Platforms Come Together to Create Truly Unique Marketing Opportunities

Only Farm Journal has touchpoints every month with farmers and influencers across the agri-food value chain. Combine this with the industry’s most extensive database and online communities that engage millions of unique visitors per month, and the DDPM team can build powerful programs that connect sales and marketing efforts using data-driven tools only available to Farm Journal. The DDPM team collaborates closely with agency partners and agribusinesses to create powerful programs that activate markets and connect sales and marketing efforts.

Data-Driven Performance Marketing Activation Model

This model depicts how DDPM comes to life at Farm Journal. We look forward to connecting with you to explore how this model can benefit your organization.