Live crop reports and analysis, dynamic 24/7/365 content, virtual networking and country music captivate and connect farmers and ranchers across North America

Lenexa, Kan., (Aug. 31, 2020) — Lee Brice’s final guitar chord during the August 27 #FarmON Benefit ConcertTM marked the conclusion of a 10-day experience that started as a response to the pandemic and ended as an industry breakthrough in agricultural information exchange.


In the New American Farm ShowTM experience, which included Pro Farmer Crop TourTM, Farm Journal Field DaysTM and the #FarmON Benefit Concert, more than 50,000 farmers and ranchers from all 50 states raised their hands to participate in the interactive experience, including live crop reports and analysis, dynamic content, live discussion and virtual networking opportunities. The grand finale #FarmON Benefit Concert and salute to agriculture raised support for educational resources for youth via the National 4-H Council’s FOURWARD Fund.


The Farm Journal Field Days virtual event engaged farmers and ranchers in a virtual experience never seen before in agriculture, including listening to panel discussions and speakers on the virtual platform’s main stage, learning about products and services from businesses showcased in the Expo Hall and networking with peers in the chat room and virtual beer garden. A survey of Farm Journal Field Days attendees provided this feedback to date:



“We’re still crunching the numbers and will provide overall stats to the market as promised and proprietary data-enriched leads to exhibitors over the next few weeks, but preliminary results show the average exhibitor received 424 leads,” said Andy Weber, CEO of Farm Journal. “If even a fraction of those leads proves to be good prospects, this will dramatically change the ROI equation for exhibiting at farm shows forever. We will live up to our promise to be very transparent with data for our exhibitors, right down to cost per producer, per acre and per head of livestock and then help them activate against those leads to generate sales. Both producers and exhibitors had fun with our New American Farm Show, Field Days and the #FarmON Benefit Concert, but they also conducted business exponentially more efficiently than ever before, and that’s a trend that’s here to stay.”


Overwhelming response and engagement with these events have provided unmatched data gathering and lead generation opportunities for sponsors, exhibitors and partners. That critical information is being analyzed and will be shared in the coming weeks to guide new strategies,  objectives and 2021 marketing plans for these partners.


“The massive amount of content we provided to attendees through the New American Farm Show experience will serve as a template for the future,” said Charlene Finck, president of Farm Journal. “From live broadcasts to thousands of viewers during Pro Farmer Crop Tour to the wide range of specialized content tailored to multiple segments of the industry for Farm Journal Field Days, our team fulfilled the Farm Journal mission of service journalism and providing the information and resources our industry needs. Giving back to agriculture’s future through the support generated by the #FarmON Benefit Concert was a true honor for us and sets the standard for how we will use Farm Journal’s omnichannel media platforms to rally and unite agriculture around a common cause in the future.”


As an extension of these events, all content in the Farm Journal Field Days virtual platform, including the #FarmON Benefit Concert, is available for on-demand viewing throughout the coming year, so farmers and ranchers can continue to interact with exhibitors from the Expo Hall, creating additional lead generation opportunities throughout the coming year. As the value of the event and virtual experience continues to spread on social media and other sources, registrations will continue to grow through on-demand viewing.


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