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Farm Journal Launches Dairy Thought Leadership Series

Lenexa, Kan., (March 1, 2021) — Dairy Herd Management, along with Farm Journal’s MILK, announce a quarterly thought leadership series to share data and insights with dairy industry constituents. The series, which kicks off this month, engages iconic thought leaders from all dairy segments and other food system experts spanning the supply chain.

“As the leader in the dairy sector, it is our responsibility to bring insights and perspectives to better prepare all involved with the resources to understand current and future dynamics of an industry in transition,” said Cliff Becker, senior vice president of livestock for Farm Journal.

The quarterly series will be developed and executed in collaboration with leading dairy organizations, associations and think tanks. VIP invitations will be provided to key dairy industry leaders for free admission to attend and capture the visionary business intelligence followed by robust discussion.

Series sessions will include these important industry topics:

  • How do large producers think and what motivates them?
  • How do producers stay relevant in a niche, consolidating dairy market?
  • Becoming brand specialists – how do customers perceive brands, benefits and value?
  • Progressive producer panels — what separates these distinguished dairies?

For more information, contact Cliff Becker at

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