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Today’s leading producers can’t be measured by the acres they farm or animals they own. Farm Journal’s Top Producer audience includes early adopters and risk takers, with an entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen to back it up. They think differently about their business. It’s time to think differently about how you reach this elite audience.

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Missouri farmstead - silos - shed - sunset - Lindsey Pound

A New Option for Farmland Legacy Planning

Earlier this year, Legacy Farmland Trust was launched as a new tool for farmers who may not have the next generation to farm but want to keep the land in trust for their family and multiple generations.


Leader Farmers Leadership

Become a More Anticipatory Leader

Dave Mitchell uses his two-decade career in corporate HR to coach businesses on improving company cultures and reaching peak performance. And he says he’s not afraid to slay some dragons when it comes to tools many businesses may rely on, but don’t provide the service leaders are seeking. 


Railroad Crossing

Harvest Safety: Power Line and Railroad Tips You Need to Know

As farmers head to the fields for harvest, most will encounter powerlines and railroad crossings. Here are three reminders of safety tips to follow in these areas…

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Build your brand among the best. As a sponsor at Top Producer Summit, you enjoy extra visibility with the country’s most successful producers, who are looking for new ways to gain a competitive edge.

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Top Producer Summit
Top Producer Summit

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