A Farm Country Update led by Tyne Morgan featuring a panel of farmers, ranchers and growers from across the country discussing the effects of COVID-19 on their farm and the challenges they face with day-to-day operations, the food supply chain and other issues.

A Farm Country update hosted by Chip Flory on the economic, supply chain and political impacts of COVID-19 on U.S Agriculture

A Farm Country Update led by Clinton Griffiths featuring a panel of farmers, ranchers and growers discussing the food supply gap and why producers are dumping milk and breaking eggs

A Farm Country Update led by Clinton Griffiths featuring a panel of farmers, ranchers and growers discussing the on-farm impacts of COVID-19.

A Farm Country update led by Farm Journal editors on key concerns of farmers and retailers and trends each are facing amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Go beyond what the industry knows as research and open your eyes to true intelligence around how farmers, ranchers and growers that make up the agricultural customer base will change over the next 20 years, and what that means for governmental agencies, companies and industry organizations across agriculture.

Doug Edge, Senior Vice President Business Solutions, Farm Journal
Brett Sciotto, CEO, Aimpoint Research

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The Farm Journal content team uses an evidence-based, reader-driven approach to keep their fingers on the pulse of American agriculture. Listen as they share how they track farmer sentiment, purchase intentions, top-of-mind issues and behavior analysis, and use this data to fuel design thinking and new product development.

Chip Flory, host of AgriTalk
Clinton Griffiths, host of AgDay
Greg Henderson, editor of Drover
Sara Schafer, editor of Top Producer
Jennifer Shike, editor of Farm Journal’s PORK
Portia Stewart, Content Strategy Director for Farm Journal

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Rapid changes, shifting trends and adopting new technologies are what ag retailers have become accustomed to. But this spring has brought new challenges in serving farmers in a timely manner to get crops planted and keep livestock fed. What does this mean for the sales channel long-term? Industry leaders will share how the success found in doing business amid COVID-19 cuts new grooves in how business will operate going forward.

Amy Asmus, Asmus Farm Supply, Rake, Iowa
Harold Cooper, Premier Ag, Seymour, Ind.
Henry Holloway, The Mill, Bel Air, Md.
Margy Eckelkamp, editor of AgPro

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Every link of the produce industry supply chain is working within a new normal in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Industry experts will discuss how their organizations are staying nimble in a new world of supply and demand, transportation and logistical issues and the challenge of keeping produce sections stocked in grocery stores across America.

Kevin Byers, PCC Community Markets, Seattle, Wash.
Jeff Cady, Tops Markets, Williamsville, N.Y.
Alex DiNovo, DNO Produce, Columbus, Ohio
Thomas Kovacevich III, T.M. Kovacevich Philadelphia Inc., Philadelphia, Pa.
Roger Pepperl, Stemlit Growers, Wenatchee, Wash.
Tom Karst, editor of The Packer

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From empty grocery shelves to victory gardens, COVID-19 has opened the window for  agriculture to engage, educate and reassure consumers about their food supply. Food and agriculture experts will discuss why it’s so important to champion agriculture now and provide steps for organizations to help farmers of the future be successful.

Mary Shelman, The Shelman Group
Frank Yiannis, U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Roger Thurow, Chicago Council on Global Affairs
Nate Birt, Trust In Food